Jump initiation

PAC (accompanied progression in fall), 1 day initiation
in Pujaut (near Avignon) or Tallard near Gap.
Maximum weight: 95 kg

The PAC initiation is a free fall baptism that allows you to participate more actively in your jump. 4 hours of theoretical training! You skip the same day accompanied by 2 monitors. After the exit phase of the plane, an instructor lets you go and stand in front of you. We will communicate by sign, no specific program, just the discovery of the air! Pleasure...

1500 meters you will open your parachute and you will descend quietly guided by radio for a safe landing!

The PAC initiation is the first jump of the PAC internship, you can leave with your diploma or continue your progression to become autonomous.

This moment of your life will be immortalized by the video of your jump.

A medical certificate from a doctor registered at the FFP is mandatory:
List of doctors approved FFP