Bungee jump

Bungee jump


You want to live an unforgettable experience: Dare to take the big leap, Come join our team in the south of France on the highest bridge in Europe : (PACA region Var department 83) "ARTUBY BRIDGE" 182 m of adrenaline await you during your bungee jump.
A confirmation text will be sent on Friday before the jump to validate the weather conditions and the feasibility of the jump. Attention activity subject to weather conditions.

182 M

The highest bridge in Europe: 182 m of adrenaline await you during your bungee jump.

more than 30 years of existence

Latitude Challenge is positioned as one of the leading bungee jumping adventure companies in France with more than 90,000 jumps supervised by its instructors.


Price of the 1st bungee jump (Artuby bridge)

Number of persons Rate
From 1 to 3 people 140 € / pers
From 4 to 9 people 125 € / pers
From 10 to 19 people 115 € / pers
> 20 people 105 € / pers

Next jumps
On presentation of your loyalty card

Number of persons Rate
2nd to 5th 80 €
60 € if made the same day
The 6th Free

Video prices

Video en traduction administrable 30 €
Embed Video 30 €
Both video 50 €
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Bungee Jump Reservation
  • - From 15 years old with parental authorization
  • - From 55 years old: medical certificate required
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  • - From 15 years old with parental authorization
  • - From 55 years old: medical certificate required
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Before the jump

Reservation required, you can choose your jump date directly.

If you have a gift voucher, please contact us at +33 4 91 09 04 10 with the voucher number or invoice number.

A confirmation SMS will be sent on the Friday before the jump to validate weather conditions and feasibility.

Please print and fill out the information sheet provided below.

Consider purchasing a priority pass (30 €) if you prefer not to wait.

If you weigh between 45 and 50 kg, please contact us at +33 4 91 09 04 10.

If you are over 55 years old, a medical certificate is mandatory.


Call +33 6 84 77 27 95 to check our presence on the bridge in case of uncertain weather conditions.

The phone network on the bridge is very weak, which is why we may not be able to answer your call.

Plan for the whole day as there may be waiting times. The order of passage is based on your arrival on the bridge.

We will meet you on the bridge between 9 am and 12 pm on Sunday.

And between 10 am and 12 pm on Saturday.

Please bring sneakers (for a sporty ascent), a backpack with a water bottle.

Have your reservation number received previously by SMS and the information sheet ready.

Don't forget the medical certificate if you are over 55 !

No credit cards accepted on the Artuby bridge (only checks and cash).

After jump

Hoping you enjoyed your jump, here are some information and suggestions :

- If you recorded the onboard video, you will receive it shortly via email through "WeTransfer".

- We encourage you to leave a warm comment on our guestbook!

- Feel free to share your photos and videos of your jump with us.

- Don't forget to follow us on our social media to share your feedback and stay informed about our updates!

Thank you very much for your visit and see you again soon !

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